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Creating a Slideshow

You can create and add slideshows to any pages (You cannot add slideshows to posts as standard, however this can be done with the following plugin). Slideshows are great for displaying your best work, or adding large headers and sliders to your pages.

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Follow these simple steps to create your new slideshows:

Step 1 – Add New Slideshow

Go to your WordPress dashboard, and on the left hand side towards the top, find Slideshow, and select add new.

Step 2 – Add Content

First enter your slideshow title, this should be descriptive, for example, home page slideshow, for your home page.

Then you should click on “Add Slideshow Images” and you will be presented with your media library. If you have images present in your media library, go ahead and select them. If not, you can drag and drop images into here, and once uploaded, select add to gallery.

Now the images are added, you can drag and drop them into order.

You can also hover over the images, and there are 2 options:

  1. The bin will delete the image
  2. The pencil icon will allow you to add content over the slideshow, including videos, titles and links:

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NOTE! To add video, just insert a URL from Vimeo or Youtube in the Video URL section.

Step 3 – Select Layout

Next you will then want to select the layout options for the slideshow. There are 8 options, i’ll explain below:

  1. Slideshow Type – there are 2 options:
    Cropped Box – NOTE! The reason this slideshow is called a cropped box is due to screen sizes and image ratios. If your image is in a format 16:9 it will be cropped on screens that are not in the same ratio. The photos are to fill the full content of the box.
    bumbag 8 Rucksack amp; amp; Silver bumbag Rucksack 8 Pqwx1xnZ6Visible Nearby – This is where you have images each side of the active slide.
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  3. Slideshow Effect – there are 2 options:
    Slide: slide left to right.
    Fade: fade from back to front.
  4. Slideshow Width – there are 4 options:
    Full Size – this will full the screen
    Page Width – this will be the width of the screen and allows a set height
    Padding Width – full width with padding left and right
    Content Width – set to the width of the content, set in Flothemes > General > Site Width.
  5. Set the Menu Slideshow Bottom – this will put the slideshow to the bottom of the slideshow, this is only available for the Full Size slideshow.
  6. Hide Slideshow Bullets – select this option remove the bullets from the slideshow.
  7. Over Slideshow Content – this is the content position of content added when clicking the pencil icon on a specific image in the slideshow.
  8. Enable Autoplay – if you want the slideshow to play by itself, turn this option on.
  9. Autoplay speed – this is the time in which a slideshow changes, set in ms. 1000ms is 1second.

Step 4 – Publish

Once the options are all added and you’re happy with how it looks, publish the slideshow.

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Step 5 – Add to a page

Now that you’ve created a slideshow, head over to pages, and then navigate to the page you want to add your slideshow to. In the page scroll down to “Slideshow Settings” and select the slideshow:

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Publish your page.

HINT! Slideshows can be added to any page template type. Try using this with latest posts type to display blog post below your slideshow.

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